Free E-mail Support

30 days free e-mail support is included. Free support is limited to issues directly related to our software. Explicitly excluded are issues related to the general operation of the computer installation, the hardware, the network, the printer(s) and third party firmware plug-ins and/or components. Before submitting a support request, we kindly suggest to consult the Tutorial with Quicktime movies and/or our Frequently asked questions board on this web site. All support requests should always be introduced by e-mail. This allows us to simulate the problem thoroughly before responding. If requested or required, we will take up contact by phone after we studied the report. Average turnaround time with first analysis is 24 hours. Maximum 48 hours. Average repair delay depends on the problem.

Payable E-mail Support

E-mail support beyond 30 days and support not directly related to our software is payable at the rate of $ 55/subject matter. Again, before submitting a support request, we kindly suggest to consult the Tutorial with Quicktime movies and/or our Frequently asked questions board on this web site. If an issue is raised that is reproducable and turns out to be a bug in the current release of the software, charges are waived. Average response time is 24 hours. Make sure you provide all information in your report. Describe the issue in a precise and accurate way. Eventually illustrate it with screen captures that you attach to your E-mail report.

Remote Logon Support

Remote log in support is available for the low low rate of $ 2.20 per minute. We use TeamViewer to take control of your computer to show you in the comfort of your own office how to best use our outstanding software products and/or how to resolve some of your particular requirements. Remote log in sessions need to be scheduled in advance.

Ad Hoc Hourly Rate Support

In all other cases, including instances of problems related to the computers, the operating system, the network and/or the 4D run time environment etc., the requester will be billed on a $ 110 per hour basis.

Intensive Care Program

The Intensive Care Program is particularly important during start-up of a new site/installation. It includes daily training sessions and verification of operations until operators fly on their own wings. This program is necessary in a situation where insufficient local system administrator competence is available in the office. We often see 30 hours of person-to-person training sessions happening under this program.

Remote System Administrator

The Remote System Administrator program may be used to follow up on the Intensive Care Program, if there is no System Administrator supervision available in the office. It is intended to keep the systems performance optimal. If operators are left too much on their own, without sufficient supervision, there is a tendency to avoid looking into issues that take more time to research such as claim rejections related to protocol non-compliances, over time resulting in deteriorating collection results.

Remote Postings Services

Remote posting services are an economical solution for practices that lack insurance posting expertise. Documents such as EOB's and check payments are scanned into Images & Documents records in the database and then processed remotely by our billing experts. All Statements, Claims and other reports continue to be produced thru automatic jobs on the premises of the practice.

On site installation, training & support

On site installation/intervention, training and support is available for the daily rate of $ 910. Minimum three days. Timely booking is required. Costs such as transportation and accommodation are extra.