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EXmedic PM+EMR™ is the clever physician's best kept secret: Practice Management, Electronic claims and EMR in one elegant package at a very affordable price. Appointments, billing both on paper and electronic as well as electronic medical records using common resources! A slew of statistical and analytical tools with an unheard level of sophistication. The advanced concepts like multitasking, selections, projections, connections reductions and sets may surprise you a little in the beginning. We quote one of the early adopters as saying: 'the hierarchy methods used are intuitive and logical. Projections via a web of pointers is brilliant and incredibly fast.' This product is an excellent choice for the single provider small practice as well as the larger groups or clinics because it scales transparently, and cross platform, from stand alone to 1024 users.

To allow you to appreciate this outstanding development, we have fully functional demos for both Windows and Macintosh available on request.

Registered users have access to the Online tutorial. Just follow the chapters - illustrated by short Quicktime videos - and you can be up and running quickly and easily.

Macintosh Windows

Practice Management and EMR in one elegant package available for a one time flat fee or a monthly seat charge.